How To Survive A Break Up

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Have you ever been in a situation that you saw you're ex girlfriend with another guy? Am sure at that moment that your head will be banging and you will be having some jealousy inside you. After a while you approach her and she tells you that it's over between the both of you. You then go home and try to forget about the times both of you have been together but it doesn't seem to work out the way you expected it. This article will help you survive the break up.

* Look for something to do. This isn't the end of the world but a way to begin a new life. Apply for a job or if possible create a job that you know will make you happy. By doing this you will reduce the urge of remembering your ex.

* Avoid visiting those that you know are close to him/her. If you know that you want to forget about your ex quickly, try not to visit anyone that you know has a relationship one way or another with your ex because if you do so there are tendency that one day you will meet her there or there could remind you about her.

* Use this opportunity to understand any relationship you enter after this. When people get dumped by their ex they see this as a time in their life that has been ruined by their ex. Please get this into your head that nobody can help you run your life except you yourself. So when this break up happens, why don't you just see this as an opportunity to get a better person and know how to correct any mistakes that happens during the next relationship?

* Resist the urge to beg. This is what really gets me angry with most people. If the other partner doesn't want to come back with you, why must you kill yourself begging? Don't you know that when you beg you are losing respect from people and your ex []? So try to avoid this because if you don't you are only damaging your heart.

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