Ideas on How to Plan a Sweet 16 Party

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    Getting Your Teen's Input

    • It is vital that you discuss the party with your teenager, things he enjoyed two months ago may seem childish to him now. Asking him what type of party he wants to have is the best way to make certain that he has an enjoyable time. If you want the party to be a surprise, ask your friends who have 16-year-old children what type of parties they gave, or ask for recommendations from your child's friends. Often, the ideas you receive will not be anything near what you had in mind.

    Location and Entertainment

    • Some teens enjoy a sweet 16 birthday party that includes everyone they know, plus neighbors, relatives and even acquaintances. Others may want a private party with only a few close friends and no adults around. If the party is in the warm summer months, your teen may want to have a pool party or a casual barbecue. Others may want to rent a limousine and dine out with a couple of friends at an expensive restaurant. Parks, community centers, churches and other facilities will allow you to rent space for a party. Some sweet 16 parties are given at theme parks, skating rinks, dance clubs and other venues with age appropriate entertainment inclusive.

    Type of Food

    • Teenagers love to eat snacks and graze all day while at parties. Make sure you have a wide variety of choices when you plan your menu. Your teenager may be tired of hamburgers, pizza or other casual menu's if she has attended parties lately with that kind of food. She may request grown-up appetizers, such as stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktails or even grilled asparagus. If you are famous for making delicious chili or lasagna, she may request that you build a menu around your specialty.

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