How to Buy a New Car on the Internet With a Charge Card

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    • 1). Find the right car by researching manufacturer websites or online services like AutoTrader, Ebay and Alternatively, you can visit dealerships to see and test drive cars to narrow down your choices. Even if you visit a dealership, you need not feel obligated to purchase from the same dealership.

    • 2). Request price quotes online. Most dealerships employ a special Internet sales manager, who may also be the manager of the fleet sales department. Their pay plan likely rewards a high sales volume rather than significant profit on each sale. The best way to request price quotes is by using a search engine to find the websites of local dealerships. Most dealers have a "Quick Quote" form that can be used to request a price quote. You should contact multiple local dealerships so you can compare prices to get the best value.

    • 3). Compare price quotes. As the price quotes begin arriving, print or organize them in your inbox. Make sure that all quotes are for similar vehicles, and that no dealership has tried to "low-ball" their offer by quoting a vehicle with no option packages.

    • 4). Ask about the credit card. After you determine the best price offers on your vehicle of choice, contact the Internet sales manager via phone or email. Many Internet sales specialists take phone calls day and night, so contact them whenever you have time.

    • 5). Review their responses. Some dealerships have a credit card policy in place, limiting the amount buyers can put on a charge card to a fixed dollar amount, often $5,000. However, if one dealership offers to let you charge the entire amount, let the other Internet managers know; you can get dealerships bidding against each other to earn your charge card business. Some dealerships allow a charge card to be used for the full amount, as long as it is pre-approved by the owner or chief financial officer.

    • 6). Complete the transaction. Once you agree on using the credit card, ask for a buyer's order detailing the car you plan to purchase. Sign the buyer's order and fax it back to the dealership. Next, call the dealership and give them your credit card information. They will fax you a receipt for the amount put on the charge card. You can now arrange shipping details with the dealership or arrange to pick up the car at a mutually convenient time.

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