Get A Woman For A Night or Get A Soulmate For Life - Your Choice

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So you've been thinking about how to get a woman. What kind of woman? Someone you know, or a complete stranger? And what then? Will it be just for a one night stand, or could it be a longer lasting relationship?

The thing is, if you go out looking for a woman, say for a bit of fun on a Saturday night, you may well succeed, provided you follow the formula I'll give you in a moment.

And if that's all you're after then well and good. But what if you need something more than that?

You see, there are two ways of approaching it. The first way is rather crude, almost in the sense of caveman bashing woman with his club and dragging her back to his cave.

I was introduced to this approach by an investment salesman, of all people, who used to try and sell his products to anyone within earshot all day long.

Most of the time he met with rejection, but every now and then he'd strike it lucky.

"It's like getting a woman to go to bed with you," he explained. "You ask ten women. Nine of them will slap you round the face - the tenth one will go to bed with you." Cynical, perhaps, but he maintained it was true.

So now you know how to get a woman. Or do you? Maybe you just know how to get yourself a good time every once in a while, and as I just said, you probably want something a little more than that.

After all, is the tenth woman likely to be someone you'd want to (try to) share part of your life with? Is that really how to get a girlfriend?

Thought not. So a different approach is called for. You have to look at things from a different angle - her angle. That is, a woman who might be interested in getting to know you, even if only for a short while to start with.

How can you give yourself the best chance?

Do you present yourself as the kind of man such a woman would probably like? Is your standard of personal hygiene, dress code and general demeanour more or less in line with what she would expect in a man?

So far, so good. But do you have what else it takes to get a woman like that? Now I'm talking about the "attractor factor", the thing that makes a woman say to herself, "Yes, I like being with this guy - better than being on my own, with my girlfriends, or with anyone else available right now."

The "attractor factor" is really all you need. It's the promise - usually implied - that you'll place her on cloud nine. Whether for one night only, or potentially for a lot longer than that, will all depend, and doesn't matter for the moment anyway.

If you can deliver that promise and make it good, then you have all you need to get a woman.
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