Effective Marketing in a Changing Economy

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Many businesses have been forced to pull back on their print advertising because their revenues have decreased in recent months.
Many of those businesses believe that means that they just need to accept that their revenues are going to be lower.
Too bad for them, but terrific for you.
Here's why.
Over the last 10 years many businesses got lazy.
Everything was good and they never had to think much about marketing or the quality of their service and goods.
Many of them can't or don't know how to adjust.
By the time you finish this article, you will.
I teach seven core selling strategies to my clients.
They are all low cost or no cost methods to getting new, quality clients who specifically will want to deal with only you from now on because they know that you understand them and because they trust you.
First, you must be sure that you know who your customer is.
For most people, this is the most difficult part, because you want all of the customers that you can get.
The truth is, the more specific you are, the more your customers will identify with you, and come to you.
So now that you've identified your customer, you can use these seven strategies to increase your business by appealing specifically to them and letting them know that you can solve their problem.
Networking - attend any and every networking event that you can find in your community.
Then concentrate on civic groups, nonprofit groups, your local Chamber of Commerce and any membership groups that you can join.
Much of my business has come from my membership in Sertoma, a charity that I love and believe in.
Direct Outreach - reach out to your ideal clients, decision makers, the press and anyone else who can help you build your business.
Invite them for coffee and talk to them about their problems to see how your business can help them.
Then you can find a way that your product or service can address that need.
Please be sure that it is genuine.
If it isn't, work on it until it is! Referrals - my all time favorite and the way I've made most of my money.
Friends, family, and mostly past and current clients are a great way to find new clients.
In real estate we had a saying that a transaction wasn't complete until we got a referral.
Refer other people to them if you can.
The best way to get a referral is to give a referral.
Website - this can be done by you for a small amount of money using some thing as easy as Godaddy or any number of premade templates, or you can hire someone to do a simple website for you.
Speaking and Demonstrating - this is very powerful.
Find trade organizations where your customers are and ask to speak at one of their meetings.
Some networking groups and the Chamber of Commerce are also always looking for speakers to talk to their groups.
Writing - Write articles and submit them on the web to Ezine Articles, your local newspaper, trade magazines, etc Make sure you include information about your company and a way to contact you.
Keep-In-Touch - Repeat business is free.
You've already spent time and money getting them.
Now keep in touch with them Newsletters are great for this, also, if you can capture their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
, you can remember them with inexpensive cards, or an email to wish them well on their day.
Four of these strategies are critical - networking, writing, referral and keeping in touch.
If you concentrate on these, I promise that in the next year, you will increase your business dramatically without spending a fortune.
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