What Foods Give You Lots of Experience in RuneScape?

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    • You can begin cooking meat at Level 1, one of the least-involved items for cooking. Simple meat items available for cooking include beef and chicken. To cook these items, you need to slaughter a cow or chicken, pick the meat and cook it either on a stove or over a fire. To get lots of experience from cooking meat, fill your entire inventory with that meat item, then cook them together.


    • Pizzas offer high experience rates. In fact; even the lowest plain pizza, available for Level 35 players, offers 143 cooking experience. To make a pizza, you need to form the dough from a pot of flour and a bucket of water. Add the toppings, including tomatoes, cheese and optional toppings such as pineapple, meat and anchovies. Bake the pizza to gain the experience.


    • Another high experience cooking item are the various pies. Pies not only offer cooking experience, but some of them also give players bonuses in certain skills. For instance; an admiral pie boosts your fishing level by 3 when eaten. For those who prefer to get down and dirty, mud pies offer 128 cooking experience, and can be thrown at other players in the wilderness to slow them down.

    Wine and Brewed Items

    • For those who don't mind waiting for their experience, wine is a simple cooking item. Place grapes into a jug of water and put the jug in your bank. Come back after an hour and the wine will have fermented, giving you cooking experience. Brewed items work in a similar way, except you leave the items in an empty vat. The brewed items take up to 24 hours to ferment, but are worth up to 479 cooking experience.

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