Nutrition War: Bistro MD Vs. Nutrisystem

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The War Zone

The country is at war with the pandemic that is obesity of both children and adults. Even with the health buff boom of recent years, a significant percentage of our countrys population is on the heavy side. The worst part is, some of them have given up, finding the weight loss process to be too much work. The invention of healthy food delivery services will hopefully modify this. All one has to do is subscribe to a meal plan and get it delivered to his home. Voila, he will now have healthy food for all meals of the day.

The Opposing Sides: Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem

These are two of the best meal plans out there. Bistro MD has been around since 1998 and has gotten tremendous praises for their gourmet quality meals that are at the same time very healthy and produces weight loss. Nutrisystem, on the other hand, has also garnered commendations for their consideration of the different needs of men and women and making special meal plans for both. They also explicitly cited that they offer specialized plans for older people, diabetics, and vegetarians.

The Food

Bistro MDs meal plans are drafted by real doctors. The same doctors approve the food before allowing the shipment. These are frozen and sealed to ensure freshness. The packages include everything, even vegetables. The calorie content varies from 1100-1400 to fight the plateau effect when the body gets used to a certain calorie count. The healthiness of each meal does not sacrifice taste. Top chefs prepare them. Very few complaints have been received by Bistro MD about the palatability of their food. Nutrisystem, on the other hand, has been getting negative remarks about the inferiority of their meals since 2005. Customers have complained about the state of the meals. The microwavable ones turn to mush when heated. Also, the food is excessively salty. Another downside is that the packages do not include vegetables. People who customized their meals find that a lot of their choices were substituted without their knowledge.

The Price

Bistro MD is quite pricey at $15 a day, although occasional promos could be availed of. There are also Bistro MD coupons online. Nutrisystem only costs $7 per day and have big discounts like free meals for three weeks.

The Conclusion: Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem

Even if Bistro MD stretches the budget a bit, the customer is guaranteed delicious healthy food approved by legitimate doctors. Although it is not mentioned on the welcome page of their website, a little digging would reveal that Bistro MD also welcomes customization to some extent. They do make special meals for diabetics and vegetarians. Nutrisystem should be credited for the guide they supply customers on successful weight losing like how to curb an appetite and seeking support groups. However, the service revolves around the food. Even with the variations, Nutrisystem fails miserably when it comes to quality. In this war of Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem, Bistro MD clearly demolishes the opponent.
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