Troubleshooting a Magic Chef Oven

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    • 1). Level the Magic Chef oven. Use a bubble wrench to confirm the oven is level. Measure level on a rack from front to back and also side to side.

    • 2). Position the rack properly if the cooking results aren't satisfactory. Position the Magic Chef racks before starting to cook. Use the rack in the top slot and the second from bottom slot for two-rack baking. Imagine the racks slots are numbered 1 through 5 with 5 being the uppermost. Use slot 4 for most broiling and toasting; slot 3 for single rack backing on a cookie sheet; position 2 for small cuts; and position 1 for large cuts. Rest the rack on the oven bottom for turkeys and other large poultry.

    • 3). Use the right cookware in a Magic Chef oven. There should be plenty of space for air to circulate around the dishes. The food should be proportionately the right size for the dish you are using to cook with.

    • 4). Set the control knob to the right heat level. Use a recipe and allow time for the Magic Chef oven to heat up. Preheating is particularly important for baking. Baking also requires any batter be evenly distributed in the pan.

    • 5). Try increasing the temperature by 25 degrees if slow baking or roasting results aren't what you want. Door opening can be compensated for this way, too.

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