Seized Actions For Motorhome Sales

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Every so often finance companies take stock of all of the vehicles they have had to repossess due to foreclosure and offer them for sale at auction.
It is quite possible to get a quality motorhome for an extremely low price at one of these auctions.
Another similar type of auction is the police auction where all of the vehicles on offer have been confiscated as a result of court proceedings ruling that property be seized normally due to being obtained through illegal earnings.
With what frequency are the auctions held? There some areas where there is an auction every week and in other areas the auctions are only held one every two months.
You should normally not have any trouble on finding one close to you at any time of year.
Where can I find these auctions? It isn't easy to find the police auctions or seized auctions as they are hardly ever advertised.
Though they are mostly attended by dealers and members of the motor trade they are open to the public.
there are a few websites that publish lists of the auctions that are being held each week.
(see the link at the end of this article) How are the auctions viewed? There are a few hours set aside before the bidding begins so you can look at and inspect any vehicle you intend to bid on.
Sometimes there is a whole day allotted for viewing depending on the auction.
Am I allowed to take the Motorhome for a test drive? No you are not allowed to test drive any of the vehicles.
You are allowed to start them up however and do any other mechanical test you wish.
It is for this reason that you are advised to take a qualified and experienced mechanic along with you.
Are there any commissions to pay? There is an auctioneers fee at most of the auctions this varies but is usually between 5% and 10% payable by the buyer in the moment of purchase.
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