How to Program a Key Fob for a 2001 Venture Van

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    • 1). Close all of the doors and the trunk on your Venture van and turn your key in the car's ignition to the "Acc" position. It's the first click of the key, when the interior systems light up but you haven't started the engine.

    • 2). Cycle the key back to "off" and then back to "Acc" within one second of the last step, and open and close your driver's door.

    • 3). Wait for the car to emit a chiming sound, then press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on your remote. You will have to hold the button for around 14 seconds. The car will chime once after about seven seconds and then again after 14 seconds, at which point you can release the buttons.

    • 4). Remove the key from the ignition to end the programming sequence and complete the process.

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