The Untold Dangers of Parabens Revealed

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A shocking discovery has been made about most cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
The products of the majority of these industries have been found to contain certain elements that can be harmful to the body, and can even cause death.
Most of these cosmetic and products have been discovered to contain parabens.
What are the dangers of parabens you may ask? Parabens are a group of chemicals that are used as preservatives in most cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
Methlparaben, propylyparaben, butylparaben and ethylparaben are the commonly used parabens.
Dangers of Parabens Are parabens bad? Parabens have been discovered to alter the normal functions of the body and thus putting you at risk.
Let me break it down for you, they can cause cancer, breast cancer to be specific.
Shocked? Well to your list of their dangers add hormone disruption, abnormal weight gain and they may cause allergic reactions and cause rashes.
Scientists have discovered that when a paraben-laced product comes in contact with our skin it is absorbed and mistaken to be oestrogen, this is because it has also been discovered that the chemical structure of parabens is very similar to that of the oestrogen our bodies produce.
This confusion may cause a disruption in the endocrine system.
And since there is an abnormal amount of oestrogen in the body this may lead to rapid weight gain and worst of all breast cancer.
Be really careful when buying any product be sure to check the ingredients.
Don't despair there is hope, not all cosmetic products are a death sentence.
The Dangers of parabens Can be avoided by using cosmetic products that contain natural preservative like natural vitamin E.
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