How to Build and Maintain a Tan From a Tanning Booth Or Tanning Bed

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Just as with every investment, you should want to protect the money you invest in indoor tanning.
The best way to do that is to build a good base tan and maintain it on a regular basis.
Building the initial base tan is the long and lengthy part of the whole tanning experiencing.
Once you have established the base tan that you are happy with the maintenance part is easy.
If you let a base tan completely fade then you must start at zero again and it is often cheaper to just permanently maintain your tan.
Plus then you have a gorgeous tan all the time instead of sporadically.
There are several key factors to consider when developing a tanning routine.
The first relates to your individual skin type.
Some individuals receive dark color after as little as one visit because their skin type allows them to tan easier.
Although rare some individuals do not tan well because of their skin and should consider spray tanning as an alternative.
The majority of people fall in the category between both extremes and require 2-3 tanning sessions to begin to show good color.
An average tanner needs at least 5 sessions to establish a good base tan.
Another important aspect is the type of tanning booth that one uses.
There are significant differences in the results that can be achieved with tanning beds, tanning booths, and high pressure tanning systems.
On top of this the machines vary according to what type of bulbs they have in them because different lamps produce different ratios of UVA and UVB.
Often times having a routine that includes multiple types of equipment will have the best results because it allows the skin to be exposed to multiple types of bulbs and this helps develop a fuller tan.
Different equipment is also a good idea because each machine has different pinch points on the body and using different pieces will help to even out the white lines that are caused by this.
This is often why it is also important to use tanning booths on a regular basis because they completely eliminate the pinch points that tanning beds cause.
The last part of a good tanning program is deciding on the time between visits.
Once again this is affected mostly by skin type.
While some people might be able to tan once a week and maintain their base others might need to tan three times to achieve the same results.
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