Online Business - 3 Streams of Online Income You Can Generate with Articles

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There are many different methods of making money in an online business.
You can create your own products, or sell other people's products.
You can educate people or offer services.
You can become involved in advertising or marketing text links.
There are just so many ways to make money online.
One of the things that is critical to any online campaign is traffic generation.
Without traffic, you cannot realistically create an income online.
You need the traffic to have the visitors to buy or sell, refer a click, or whatever your specialization.
So what are 3 good areas of internet income that can use articles as an entry point into your sales or profit funnel? 1)Use articles to drive traffic to a squeeze page, create a tightly targeted niche emailing list, build as strong relationship with that list, and then recommend either your own products or useful affiliate products to that list.
2)Use articles to drive traffic to Google AdSense monetized web sites, where those visitors will click on high-paying Google AdSense ads.
This can be accomplished with small, 5 page web sites that contain content that is keyword-optimized to high-paying AdSense keywords, and simply writing additional articles on the topics.
3)Use articles to drive traffic to your own sales page for a product you have created or that someone else has created and has incredible value to the user.
I am a firm believer in article marketing, and I believe that there are many good ways to build article-based online businesses, in fact far more than the 3 I have mentioned here.
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