Today"s Service and Repair of Consumer Electronics

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Is my TV or surround sound receiver worth repairing? Most reputable brands and products are feasible to repair.
Many big screen TVs and Sound Receivers are built to last decades, but of course there is always those products that break down through power surges, lightning strikes, heat, and some products are just subject to common problems inherent to a particular model.
Usually, if a product can be reliably repaired for a third to half the cost of a comparable replacement, then it is considered worth repairing.
You may want to compare what you have to gain in technology advancements and added features on a new product compared to what your existing products has.
Will you actually take advantage of that new technology or added features? When purchasing new products, consider major brands that are known for quality and for parts availability.
Another common move is to replace the problem TV, yet have that item repaired for another room in the house.
Each brand and model has its advantages or disadvantages.
Some of the factors that determine the advantages and disadvantages are parts availability? How was your experience in the product performance? Did you like the picture and the features? Often I am impressed how awesome a 5 or 6 year old Plasma or LCD TV still looks after several years of service.
A little adjustment and calibration can make those TVs look as good or even better than it was when it was new.
It is always amazing to me, when we service a 5 or 6 year old Plasma or LCD products and find it still set in the showroom demo mode or the dynamic mode.
Those particular TVs with a little calibration look like an entirely new TV, and they have a much more natural looking picture.
Obviously those customers simply took the TV home, opened the box, plugged it in and watched TV.
So, the message here is, before you toss that big screen flat panel TV have it checked out.
Do not be deceived by cheap volume box store products flooding the market today.
Many of those products barely make it to end of the warranty.
In that case your older big screen flat panel TV may have a much higher standard of quality and it might be a better investment in the long run.
It could very well give you a better picture as well.
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