A Silk Scarf, My Thanksgiving Gift

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:Family members get reunited again to thank for what they have obtained on Thanksgiving Day each year. No matter how busy they are, they always do so. As part of the festival, thanksgiving gift [http://www.inetsilk.com/] always bring people closer to the ones they love. However, on a traditional mind, people always buy or make on their own gifts for others. Today, I want to make a new start by sending myself a thanksgiving gift.

With a blink of eyes, I have crossed half a year during which job always kept me busy. As Thanksgiving Day is drawing upon, I have planned to do something I have always wanted to do. I want to buy me something I have aimed at a long time ago.

I still could remember that day when I went for window-shopping with some of my best co-workers. As we walked past a window where some pretty-looking models stood, I saw them wearing some very cute-looking and colorful silk scarves. Then, I made it into the store, trying to ask the girls working there about the scarves. A ring came to me like a thunder bursting into my ears before I could open my mouth. I took the phone and got to knew it was an emergency that required me to come back to the office for an important meeting as soon as possible.

Feeling very disappointed, I darted away from the store, thinking I would come back again someday. How time flies, it has been almost half a year since last time I came to the store. Amazingly, I found the silk scarves are still worn on the models as I came back for my thanksgiving gift. To my surprise, I found the girls here intentionally left a scarf for me. "I know you will be back one day. Just take a look at the way you looked at it. The minutes before you left, I saw you were very depressed. So, I just left one for you. I believe I made a right choice with my intuition as a girl who loves scarf too." said Judy, a girl who works at the store and also wears the same silk scarf as I want. "Thank you, thank you so much. It is very nice of you. I really appreciate it." said I, going to give her a warm and long hug.

Looking into the mirror, I look very beautiful with that silk scarf around my neck. The charm and softness of a woman come back to me. I have to say this is the best thanksgiving gift [http://www.inetsilk.com/back2school] I ever had.
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