What Is Food Hoarding?

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Question: What Is Food Hoarding?


Food hoarding is one of the most challenging issues for foster and adoptive families to manage. Food hoarding in children may be prompted by several different events, but within foster children it is usually because a child has been brought up in a neglectful atmosphere and has gone without food off and on for a period of time.

A child who hoards food may sneak food at night, store food under their bed, in drawers or closets.

A child may also take food from school, the foster family or others. The food taken is often sweet.

It is important to remember that while foster and adoptive parents may find the behavior frustrating, it may be one of a child's survival skills. Children often rely on these skills to overcome the challenges of living in their home or birth family environments. Reversing survival skills such as food hoarding and helping a child feel that they can make it and live without a survival skill will take much time and patience.

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