The Ultimate Secret - Book Review

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By: Dr.
Pat Francis (2009) ISBN 978-1-55452-351-1 Book Price: $19.
95 Honoured executive and humanitarian Dr.
Pat Francis is a pastor & president of several charities & for-profit companies.
She is a diplomat, and has been honoured with awards in Canada and U.
for humanitarian programs.
Francis is a member of the Women Presidents Organization, an international network of women with multimillion dollar companies.
Shaping your world through faith In the Ultimate Secret, Dr.
Pat Francis outlines a 5 part plan for fulfilling dreams.
She shares, "Having faith in God" (Ch.
4); "Just ask" (Ch.
6); "Be Specific" (Ch.
7); "Method of believing" (Ch.
9); "Changing your belief system" (Ch.
11); "The power to confess" (Ch.
12); "Create your world" (Ch.
13); "The power to receive" (Ch.
14); and more.
Activating beliefs to allow a God response Dr.
Pat Francis is direct and encouraging in her style.
She employs concise phrases that cut to the point, as, "God wants you to have the desires of your heart.
" Such comments set a bold, positive tone for readers to receive! Dr.
Francis' ideas reveal truth in a simple manner.
Her words portray, "Faith is the master key...
Hope is the Mother of Faith...
Your dream starts with a desire; then becomes hope.
Hope births faith...
" Leading to new concepts, "...
everything we need to accomplish our purpose...
is already provided! We just need the faith to access it!" Upon introduction of topics, such as faith, Dr.
Francis digs deeper to reveal further insight.
She explains, "So faith in the spiritual world must be specific and directive...
Building your faith in God is a daily process...
You display your faith by what you do and by what you say...
dare to dream...
step out and keep your faith alive no matter what.
" Portions of instruction precede encouraging words such as, "God is waiting for you to ask so that He can answer...
" Topics such as "faith" and "asking" follow a systematic flow.
Pat moves from discussing faith to addressing the manner in which we ask, "...
be specific with our asking, for we will receive specifically what we ask for...
Your asking releases His divine power to create, heal, bless, provide and protect you and those whom you ask for.
" See dreams and desires fulfilled Dr.
Pat Francis discusses keys to help readers to see their dreams and desires fulfilled.
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