Maybe It Should Be Prince Obama Vs. President Obama

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If you were to look at a hypothetical report card of President Obama from the past two and half years, the following facts jump to the head of the list:

- The President set a record for most foreign trips in the first year of his Presidency, exceeding first year foreign trips of every other U.S. President that came before him.

- In the first two years of his Presidency, he visited 42 countries (includes multiple visits to the same country).

- He took time off from his job responsibilities to fly to Denmark and lobby for his home town of Chicago to host a Summer Olympics.

- This effort resulted in the United States being the first country being thrown out of the finalist pool.

- He recently traveled to Ireland in the inane attempt to convince the Irish, both in Ireland and here in America, that he had a strong Irish background, and then flew off to England for tea time and a state dinner with the Queen.

- In 2009, he took time off from being the President to film a television promotion spot for the George Lopez Show.

- For the past three years he took substantial time out of being President to not only developing his picks for the March Madness NCAA basketball playoffs but also went on television every year to discuss, in detail, his picks.

- In just the past year or so he has taken time out of being President to host visits by the NBA champion LA Lakers, the WNBA champion Seattle Storm, the NHL champion Chicago Black Hawks, the NFL champion New Orleans Saints, the NCAA Division I football champion Auburn University, the Division 1A football champion Villanova University, the NCAA women's cross country champion Villanova University, the NCAA lacrosse champion Duke University, the NCAA Division I men's basketball champion the University Of Connecticut, and the NCAA champion rifle team from TCU,

- He took time out from being President to attend an anti-bullying forum.

- He has taken innumerable vacations in the past two and half years.

- He has played dozens of rounds of golf and played in dozens of basketball pick up games.

- He has attended over thirty political fund raisers in the past few months in preparation for the 2012 Presidential election.

- He injected himself into a local police matter in Massachusetts, overreacting without all of the information that was available, and which resulted in a week's worth of distraction that culminated in the inane "beer summit" at the White House.

- He has always been charming when appearing on day time television shows such as Oprah and The View.
In the meantime, what has been going on in the country and the world:

- U.S. unemployment is still unacceptably high at about 9%.

- Every week, over 400,000 Americans are usually filing for first time unemployment benefits.

- The country is weeks away from defaulting on its debt and fiscal solvency.

- The national debt is steadily climbing and accelerating under Obama, currently north of $14.3 TRILLION.

- All of this administration's economic policies and programs have been failures.

- Despite our dire economic times, he recently decided to stop getting daily face-to-face economic briefings from his economic team, opting instead for a daily written report and an occasion economic update from Joe Biden, someone who I believe has minimal economic training.

- The housing market is still in the dumps with low sales and continually falling prices.

- Gas prices, while having recently moderated, are still substantially higher than when Obama took office.

- We are still fighting three wars, the last of which might, in fact, be illegal relative to our nation's laws, where American troops are dying every day.

- Iran and North Korea are two and a half years closer to being nuclear weapon capable.

- The Middle East is still a powder keg.

- South Yemen is politically unstable and there appears to be no way to keep it from becoming a terrorist haven.

- The country is as divided as ever with the President refusing to intervene when Americans expressing a difference of opinion with his policies are characterized by Democrats as being un-American, racists, members of the Ku Klux Klan, gerbils, and knuckle dragging Neanderthals.

- The biggest legislative victory of the President has been his health care reform that is being shown almost daily to be a disaster in every imaginable way.

- His second biggest legislative victory, the reforming of the country's financial markets, was an empty piece of legislation that omitted major segments of the economy (car loans and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgages) and left the details for implementation up to government bureaucrats, creating uncertainty in the private sector.
We are no closer to finding solutions to our failed war on drugs, the the illegal immigrant problem, our failing public schools, and the lack of a national energy strategy then we were two and a half years ago.

One shouldnot begrudge the President some rest and relaxation time, it is obviously a high stress job. We realize that he needs to visit other countries and promote U.S. interests around the world. But it seems he takes all of the frills, pomp, and pageantry of the Presidency much too seriously while dangerously neglecting the difficult, hard core responsibilities of being a President.

American citizens should come first. His many golf rounds, his many vacations, his many non-serious television appearances, his many foreign travels, his tolerance of name calling, his penchant for dinners and fundraisers, etc. are more befitting a Prince who has only ceremonial, trivial, and self gratifying duties, not someone who has serious responsibilities.

Given President Obama's demonstrated behavior and non-performance on the serious issues facing the country, maybe we should considering making him Prince of the United States. In that way he can visit with any sports team he wants, he can visit any country he wants at any time, he can play all of the world's great golf courses, and appear on any television show at any time while not disappointing the voters and failing the country.

In his place, maybe we could finally find a Presidential leader whose ego is second to service, who busts his butt while in office to bring detailed and proper solutions to major problems, who strives to unite the country, who is seriously working the many economic problems facing the country, and who is actively engaged in international actions to improve the welfare and safety of the country. A Prince should not be weighed down by such heavy responsibilities, which makes this new position of royalty perfect for the current White House resident.
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