How to Apply for Child Adoption

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    • 1). Choose an agency or facilitator to begin the adoption process. Be ready to answer questions on the application about your employment, financial and medical history, education and family background. Take your time answering all inquiries and be 100 percent truthful. The process will be long, but it is done to make sure the child is going to a suitable home.

    • 2). Provide contact information on the application for family members and friends who can serve as character references. Make sure to choose the people who know you best. The agency will interview these people to help them determine whether you can adopt a child or not.

    • 3). Prepare an autobiographical profile after being accepted by an agency. Include background information such as your date and location of birth, family circumstances and childhood. Write a letter to the child's birth parents to let them know your thoughts and hopes about adopting their child. This lets the birth parents know what you can offer the child. Give the agency photos of you and any existing children, pets or your neighborhood.

    • 4). Fill out additional paperwork for the home study process. Conducted by a social worker at your home, home study requires you to describe your views on parenting and your relationship with the other adopting parent, if you have applied as a couple. Be prepared to answer questions pertaining to your desire to adopt, religious beliefs and how you plan to raise the child. The worker will also let you know about issues that could arise after adoption, such as home safety and discipline. Medical exams will have to be scheduled and more references provided. Make sure your home is clean and inhabitable before the home study, as the worker will check to see if the space is suitable for a child's comfort needs.

    • 5). Wait for the social worker's home study report assessing if you are ready for adoption. If you are accepted, start making preparations for your adopted child. Choose the child's doctors and school, and consult with an attorney to create a will in the event of death.

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