Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Her

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    • Instead of giving her the traditional dozen red roses, you can deliver crystal flowers in a vase to her office and surprise her with lunch. Another good option is making origami flowers of various colors and writing the reasons you love her on each petal. You can leave the flowers on her side of the bed so they are the first thing she sees in the morning when she wakes up.

    Fulfill Her Dream

    • If she has always wanted to go to Paris, France, take her there. If her dream has been to attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans, book the trip. Perhaps she has a yen to visit the Orient, schedule vacation time to show it to her. Or maybe she wants to cruise Australia--surprise her with cruise tickets.


    • Give her a reason to go have her hair done, buy a new outfit and flaunt her jewelry on her birthday by planning a special night that begins with a candle lit dinner at a small intimate restaurant, followed by tickets to the theater, the opera or her favorite rock band. Follow it up with a nightcap at a friendly piano bar for some slow dancing.

    Plan the Day

    • You can give her the gift of a perfect day as you wake her with breakfast in bed. Tease her with thoughts of your plans for the day as you give her clues on clothing choice. Plan an outdoor picnic on a deserted beach, walk hand in hand in the art museum or cuddle in the back row seats while you take in an afternoon movie. Make the day all about her and you can't go wrong.

    Gift Certificates

    • Although it may seem impersonal, a gift certificate may be the most thoughtful gift of all as it allows her to choose her own present. You may give her one to her favorite clothing store, the local mall or to the jewelry store she frequents. Or consider giving her a certificate to the book store, the local coffee shop or a craft store to finance any hobbies she has.

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