Steps to Install Glass Shower Screens

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The newest glass shower screens come in a wider range of styles and types. Shower screens now come in framed and frameless varieties, along with semi-frameless types, sliding and swinging doors, and many other design styles that can fit even the tightest of spaces.

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There are three major types of shower screens that you can choose from including traditional framed shower screens with tempered glass panes housed in aluminium frames, frameless screens that don't require obstructive fittings, and semi-frameless screens that have minimal frame support. Framed shower screens typically come with sliding or swinging doors, while frameless and semi-frameless screens use pivot hinges for convenient door operation. Doorless options are also available, usually consisting of a clear glass panel that blocks water on one side of the wet room or shower.

Installing new glass screens for the shower can be an easy DIY project, but the process is trickier when using frameless or semi-frameless screens. If you are getting the latter, it is best to let a professional do the job for you instead of attempting to install the unit yourself. However, if you have the proper tools and the skills to take installation as a weekend project, here are some steps you can follow to get the job done right and fast:

1. Gather all the required tools and hardware.
2. Remove your old shower curtain or similar installation from the shower or bathtub area.
3. Read all special instructions and safety precautions that come with the unit you are installing.
4. Prepare to install the bottom door tracks. (Do prior measurements to determine the correct length of track to install)
5. Use a powerful caulking adhesive to lay down the track firmly. The door tracks will hold your shower panes in place and allow smooth operation.
6. Mount the side channels and make sure all channels are completely vertical, otherwise the door won't hang properly.
7. Install the top door tracks. Had you installed the bottom and the side panels properly, installing the top tracks will be easy.
8. Install the shower doors.
9. Test if they slide smoothly along the length of the door tracks.
10. Wait for the adhesive to dry before using the bath or shower.
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