How to Troubleshoot XD Picture Cards

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    • 1). Connect the camera with the xD picture card inserted into another computer. Attempt to access the card via your operating system's file manager. Write down any error messages that appear.

    • 2). Remove the xD card from the camera by opening or removing the xD card port cover and extracting the card. Insert the card into a card reader and attempt to access the card again via the file manager. Write down any error messages that appear.

    • 3). Eject the card and physically examine it. Cracks, bends and warping may indicate hardware failure and physical damage. You may be able to extract data on the card by taking your card to a technician who specializes in data recovery.

    • 4). Research any error messages that you have witnessed. Check your camera manufacturer's website for a knowledge base to search.

    • 5). Reformat the card once you have extracted photographs if the card is readable. This may allow you to use the card again in your digital camera.

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