How Article Marketing Can Boost Your Website"s Traffic

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An article consists of the "Title", "Body" and "Resource Box".
These are viral in nature.
When you wrote an article and it is submitted to Articles Directories, it provides back links to your website and sales page.
There are many article directories online that allow you to submit your articles without paying a fee which make it a preferable advertising medium over other advertising ways.
It is not the quickest way to drive traffic to your website and sales page, but it is simple and cheap.
It is that simple.
Anyone with average English skills and bare minimal writing ability can write a sentence and subsequently write an articles and publish them on various other article directories.
If your written articles are good enough and are interesting and is selected by publishers they will again republish your article on their websites or RSS feeds, newsletter and even use it for their compilation for their e-book, which will even give you more exposure, publicity and one-way back links.
The most important thing is that your article has turn viral-spreading far and wide across the internet.
All internet marketers know that "on site" optimization is very important, however, equally as important is "off site" optimization, and will give better results for your website or sales page.
You have to improve your search engine rankings by getting these one-way links pointing back to your sites.
With articles published, it allows you as an author to have your own resource box at the end of your article.
You can plug your site and products or services to a place which places a one-way back link to your websites or sales page.
There are two types of back links, reciprocal and one way.
A reciprocal link is a link that your website and another website have exchanged links each directing to each other.
A one way back link means that the other website is only pointing towards you.
It is obviously, the better one is by a one way link.
Google and other major search engines will naturally place your site more importance and rank high in their search results if they are more links which points back to your website.
There are many ways to obtain back links, you can either join an exchange, purchase them, find other websites similar to your niche and exchange links with them, or most importantly, you write your own articles.
The benefits of Article Marketing is priceless and are vital in online marketing today.
Not only it helps to make you an EXPERT in your niche and industry you are in, it also helped established social relationship with your prospects which in turn build trust.
Moreover, article helps pre-sell your products or services you want to promote.
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