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Dental negligence is the kind of professional mistake in which a dental office doesn't provide an the correct standard of care with regards to a individual, and the person undergoes injuries as a result and is as significant just like any other kind of medical related negligence. In cases where you've sustained an accident which was the direct result of a blunder performed by a person's dental practice caused by negligence or wrong doings, an individual could have the legal reasons for a compensation court action.

Attorney Biegel of The Biegel Law Firm will look into the facts, find the best medical experts, consider adverse depositions and try a thorough dental malpractice case to verdict if required. Any number of severe incidents can occur in the course of a dental surgery. The role of a dental malpractice law firm is to get reimbursement for the accidents caused to persons of dental malpractice, which include damages for psychological distress and reduction of quality of life, as just of a few examples. Other injuries we frequently notice because of dental malpractice consist of but are not limited to: cuts to the mouth, damaged nerves, mishaps during dental surgery or treatment, failure to diagnose a dental condition and in some cases death when it is associated with the incorrect use of anesthesia.

Mr. Biegel represented a young woman who developed a cancer in her lower jaw. Sadly, her treating dentist did not detect the growth, despite the fact that he had an X-ray, which obviously demonstrated its existence. Had the dentist noted the cancer and referred her right away to a medical specialist, a comparatively minor medical procedure could have solved the issue. Instead, once the growth had been eventually uncovered, an extensive surgery was required in that the patient's lower jawbone had to be replaced with a small piece of the woman's tibia. The case settled just prior to trial for a substantial six-figure amount. When you have been injured due to dental errors, we can protect your interests.

Attorney Lawrence E. Biegel is one of the leading lawyers in Monterey County California for lawsuits involving injuries from dental negligence. We have attorneys and staff who speak Spanish, and we are always willing to offer a free consultation to a prospective client who wants to discuss retaining our services. Feel free to call one of our injury attorneys us at (877) 223-8982.
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