Wattles Science - Getting Rich Principles - Essential 10 Point Overview to Creating an Abundant Life

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Wattles -- as in Wallace D Wattles -- is author of "The Science of Getting Rich", which is one of the landmark books of the past 100 years.
In his book, published in 1910, Wattles teaches getting rich principles which have become the staple of the modern self improvement industry.
Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and Bob Proctor, just to name a few have all written about the "universal secret" and, of course, Rhonda Byrne's film The Secret was inspired by the Wattles science of getting rich principles.
To help you better understand the essence of what Wattles says in his book about creating life abundance, here is an essential overview of the ten key science of getting rich principles he describes:
  1. You have the inherent right to live an abundant life.
    As Wattles explains, this is the natural order of things in the Universe.
    It's also a mindset that tends to fly in the face of normal social conventions.
    If you are like most people, your natural tendency is to believe you aren't deserving or worthy.
    This is the first area for you to focus on if you wish to become rich.
  2. There is a natural energy of the universe which is the essence of all creation and this energy is triggered your by thoughts.
    In other words, thoughts are real things and they are the catalyst to creating anything.
    First, there is the thought, then the feeling, then the action.
  3. The universe is naturally abundant.
    Rather than being tricked into believing resources are scarce and you must compete for everything, understand that abundance abounds.
    This frees you to use your creative mind.
  4. Mastering your thoughts is the prerequisite to attracting riches into your life.
    You must learn to place your attention on what you intend to manifest rather than on what is.
    This is extremely difficult for most people.
  5. Thought mastery comes from your ability to harness your creative mind as opposed to your competitive mind.
    This is the essential "training" you must undertake because the default position of your mind is the competitive mind, which is in direct conflict to point number 3.
  6. Leaving the impression of increase in everything you do and with everyone you touch is one way you align with your creative mind.
    This is because you get back what you give, not what you want.
    When you focus on leaving the impression of increase, your focus is on serving others rather than yourself.
  7. By expressing gratitude, you further align your mind and your thinking with the creative energy of the universe.
    Gratitude is a powerful emotion that aligns closely with "love", which is the essence of the Universe.
  8. The secret to manifesting what you want is to use the technique of "creative visualization", or thinking in the "certain way".
    To manifest something new, simply hold a clear image of what want in your mind, with the feeling of appreciation and gratitude to the universe, and carry that image with you in everything you do.
  9. Consistent, practiced thought will trigger a natural unfolding of people, resources, opportunities and actions that serve to bring your creation into reality.
    Essentially, when you practise the science of getting rich process according to Wattles formula, you are triggering the Universe to begin conspiring in your favor...
    almost as if by magic.
  10. You will get rich and achieve what you want in the exact proportion to which you have successfully maintained true to the creative process.
    The more consistently true you are to the practising science, the more effective and powerfully the science will work for you.
    The less consistent you are, the less consistent your results.
As you can see, there is an elegant simplicity to the science of getting rich principles Wattles describes in his book.
Those who have learned to master these principles have achieved remarkable life abundance and success.
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