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Twain exhibit examines spiritualism of the time
During Twain's lifetime, many Americans took such things seriously. Spiritualism was trendy, especially after the Civil War, when grieving families craved communication with fallen soldiers. After Twain's daughter Susy died at age 24 in Hartford, even Twain's wife tried to communicate with her...

American NBC cameraman with Ebola is reincarnation of Tibetan teacher
The NBC News cameraman who is infected with Ebola is the son of a renowned Tibetan monk responsible for bringing Buddhism to the West in the 1970s.

His mother is an English aristocrat who was seduced at age 15 by the guru and married him at 16...


California couple report ‘green entities’ inside home
A Perris, CA, couple reported capturing “green entities” and orbs inside their home since 2012, according to October 1, 2014, testimony in Case 60250 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database...


Rare sprite phenomenon in atmosphere captured in dazzling series of images
For decades, airline pilots were the only people lucky enough to catch sight of an incredible natural phenomenon known as red sprites. Now one photographer has managed to capture this elusive light after spending months on the road following storms in Vivaro, Italy...


The women with superhuman vision
A tiny group of people can see ‘invisible’ colours that no-one else can perceive, discovers David Robson. How do they do it?...

Have they found Dracula’s dungeon in Turkey?
A winding maze of secret dungeons and tunnels have been discovered beneath Tokat Castle in Turkey.

And these hidden cells may have been where Vlad the Impaler – credited as being the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula – was held hostage during the 15th century...


I believe in angels, says Pope Francis – and they help you make right decisions
Each of us has a guardian who protects and helps us understand things, says the pope, in contrast to his predecessor, who was known as a ‘killjoy’...

Guardian angel believers avoid taking risks anyway
The belief that you have a guardian angel watching your every move and protecting you from danger is one held not just by Catholics but by many in other religions. With that kind of supernatural power watching their backs, you would think that true believers would not be afraid to take risks. A new study found that the opposite is true...


The real secret behind the Poltergeist curse will shock you to your core
Jess O'Kane: We all know the urban legend that surrounds the Poltergeist film series; it's one of the most repeated amongst film fans. But I never knew the truth behind the story until I watched this video. And I'm in shock...
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