Ideas for Necklace Designs

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    • Crafting necklaces by hand can be an immensely satisfying activity. The necklaces can then be given to friends or families as gifts for a special occasion or to simply show that you care. With the wide variety of jewelry supplies available on the market today, your imagination is the only limit you will encounter when creating necklace designs.

    Illusion Necklace

    • Create an illusion necklace with thin beading wire. Ideally, an illusion necklace should be fairly short, allowing it to lie in the area above the blouse neckline. Use crimp beads to add style to the wire. Almost any sort of glass or stone bead will work, as long as it has an opening for the wire. Crimp the wire and insert it into the bead. Work carefully, as once the wire is crimped, it is difficult to remove the crease should you realize you've made a mistake.

    Seed Beads

    • Seed beads allows you to be tremendously creative. It's possible to make an extremely simple necklace with a bag of multi-colored seed beads, threading each on the beading wire in no particular order. Alternatively, you can create elaborate designs, with as few or as many colors as you choose. Working with seed beads can be tedious, as they are very small, but the results are quite rewarding. To make the process slightly easier, use beading wire as opposed to string, and cover your work surface with cloth so the beads don't roll away if dropped.

    Pendant Necklace

    • An elegant necklace can be made using rope ribbon and a stunning pendant piece. Assemble the "chain" of the necklace by adding a clasp to a length of rope ribbon. Select the pendant you want to use and pull the rope ribbon through the jump ring and then back through itself to create a loop around the jump ring. This secures the pendant to the necklace and makes it interchangeable, as well.

    Stone Beads

    • Show your tribal side with a string of turquoise beads interspersed with sterling silver pieces. Use small separator beads or seed beads to keep space between the elements of the necklace. If turquoise isn't for you, the same concept can be applied to nearly any stone bead. Glass beads of various colors could also be substituted for the turquoise.

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