The USA Experiment

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The United States of America is a little over 230 years old.
The Byzantine Empire lasted from 476 to 1453, over 1000 years! The Imperial Era of China (throughout various dynasties) lasted over 1600 years! Even the ancient Shang Dynasty lasted 500 years.
The point is that our country is extremely young! It is easy to forget this fact when we wake each day and go about our lives.
The USA is basically just an experiment, as far as civilizations are concerned.
Many experiments fail.
Can America strengthen and succeed over the next two centuries? Throughout human (recorded) history, very few civilizations have employed an electoral process; most humans have had no choice about their governing entity.
Many of us feel that even in our democracy we still have little choice; the individual can feel small and insignificant.
Indeed, it can be argued that an intrinsic aspect of human societies is that there is always a ruling class.
Even so, I like to believe that we Americans do have the ability to influence - and even help to select - the powers that be.
I like to think that election years are a special time; election years signal change for the people, and to the perception of the world.
Our electoral process is built to embrace and promote change.
Our individual success is directly tied to the success of our country.
The success of our country is tied to us, through our collective power.
Our collective power is expressed by our voting right.
As citizens of this country, it is our right to vote.
I believe it is also our responsibility.
I encourage you to vote when it becomes that time again.
Even a small pebble dropped in a body of water, makes ripples.
When you vote your voice joins the voices of those who feel as you do, and that unified voice is absolutely heard.
We can influence the status quo.
If you do not vote, you do not exercise your right to help your nation succeed.
If you do not vote, you have no right to complain about our government, our economy, and our wars.
Yes, the USA is a very young experiment in terms of past civilizations, but you can help write the history of our nation - as well as its immediate future - with your vote.
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