How to Sanitize a Pipe for Smoking

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    • 1). Make sure the pipe has completely cooled.

    • 2). Remove the pipe stem by twisting it off. Place the stem and the bowl in a paper towel.

    • 3). Dip a pipe cleaner in alcohol and run it through the stem. Rinse the pipe cleaner in water and apply more alcohol - any type drinkable alcohol - until the pipe cleaner comes out clean.

    • 4). Push a dry pipe cleaner through the stem to dry it out.

    • 5). Soak a bristled pipe cleaner in alcohol.

    • 6). Push the pipe cleaner through the pipe bowl's air hole. Scrub the sides of the air hole. Rinse the pipe cleaner with water and apply more alcohol until the air hole is clean.

    • 7). Push a dry cotton swab around the area where the stem and bowl attach to remove any buildup or ash residue.

    • 8). Let all of the pieces dry completely before reassembling the pipe.

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