How to Pack a TV

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    • 1). Unplug the TV set from the electrical outlet and disconnect all antennas, wires and cables. Dust the television set and clean the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth and screen cleaner according to the manufacturer's directions. Use a screen cleaner specifically manufactured for the type of TV you have such as LCD cleaner.

    • 2). Secure the cables and wires with a zip tie, elastic band or by wrapping them with packing tape. Pack them separately and label them by listing the content on the box. Wrap the TV's plug in the same manner as the other cables and wires.

    • 3). Wrap the television in three-fourths-inch professional packing pads. Use bubble wrap if you don't have the professional packing pads. Cut high-density cardboard into four pieces, 3 inches bigger than the televisions sides, front and back. Cover each side of the TV with the cardboard.

    • 4). Tightly wrap only the middle of the TV panel with shrink wrap if you are moving and the TV will be unpacked soon after the move.

    • 5). Wrap the TV with packing paper followed by bubble wrap, the cardboard and then shrink wrap the entire panel if the TV will be placed in long-term storage.

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