Your Garden Reflects Your Personality

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Keen gardeners all over the world want to personalize their gardens by creating a design through good plant selection.  A garden is like a window into each and everyone's personality, just like the clothes we wear, our styles and hairstyles all make up our personality.

Gardeners want to put a unique stamp on their garden which makes it characteristically just you.  Many gardens will be formal, some will be haphazard, some will be a mixture of both, but whatever garden you will plant there is no sight more rewarding than garden plants that are beautiful with vibrant colours, or just the beauty of nature when garden bulbs peep their stunning heads above ground for all to admire.

Bulbs are very versatile and look attractive when planted in rock gardens, or when used as container plants, or hanging basket plants.  The most beautiful gardens are laid out with bedding plants either in mixed combinations or in swathes of the same colour and with so many species to choose from these can be real "eye candy" for the observer.

Gardening has long been one of the most popular pastimes and hobbies for both young and the not so young.  Gardening does not discriminate and appeals to people from all backgrounds, religions and cultures.  Those new to gardening may think there is so much to learn and sometimes it is hard to know where to begin.

There is so much information available about the subject and fortunately the internet contains a huge number of articles written about all aspects of gardening.  These articles are written by keen gardeners that have come by valuable information by trial and error in their own gardens and contain a vast amount of tips that will, in time, ensure that you become a successful gardener in your own right.

For example, a tip is to use plug plants to give an instant ‘growth' look to your garden which sidesteps the hassle of using garden seeds with the uncertainty of knowing if they have taken or if the birds have had a pleasant meal.  Another useful tip is to plant vegetable plants in tubs or containers which saves you the time and energy of having to make a special vegetable patch to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

These days lavender plants are enjoying a resurgence of popularity in the garden. This beautiful plant has been used over the years in many, many gardens around the world as it is very versatile, the blooms used to create highly perfumed little bags to store away in a drawer, or used in cooking, but best of all the plant encourages the honey bee to collect nectar, which is so important to their diminishing numbers.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct speaking from their nursery on the beautiful floral island of Jersey said "we can supply all types of plants, trees, shrubs, garden tools and sundries, we even offer vouchers for giving to friends and family as a gift. We are a ‘one stop' online shopping facility and our community blog is packed with advice, tips and comments from gardening experts. Why not log on and check us out as we guarantee you will not be disappointed".

Whether you are working on the scale of acres or a few square feet, your garden will bring you years of pleasure. Let your personality reign in your garden and be proud of the window that displays your hard work and creativity.

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