How to Program an RCA Remote Control

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    • 1). Install the necessary batteries into the RCA remote control. Most RCA remote controls require two AA batteries.

    • 2). Turn on the device you want to control, using the RCA remote, by manually pressing the power button on that device.

    • 3). Point the remote at the electronic device and hold down the "Code Search" button for about three seconds. Then, press the button on the RCA remote control for that device (i.e. "TV" button) while holding down the "Code Search" button.

    • 4). Release both buttons.

    • 5). Begin pressing the power button on the RCA remote control while pointing the control at the device you turned on in step two. Continue doing this until the device shuts off. When it does, do not press the power button again or you will have to repeat this entire process.

    • 6). Press "Enter" on the RCA remote control to save the code for that device.

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