Be A Destiny Designer!

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Formula to be your Destiny's Designer- [I can + I will] x Space This is your formula for success in life. Speak loudly; let everyone know about your intrinsic potential. You believe in your dreams, you believe in everyone around you, you believe in all you see and think. For you believe in LIFE. Always believe in your potential, power & energy to make things happen. Be a leader in life; not a follower Dare to take initiative, for if you fail you know you are learning & if you succeed, you have the world following your footsteps. And that's the ultimate moment of Glory & Passion, which not only brings us wealth but also, the much desired satisfaction. The hunger of your soul is the greatest of all; scarcity for the same drives even the most successful and richest personas lose interest in living. Your Impressions are exclusively yours! All rights reserved.Keep the Faith in your dreams, desires and skills. Let your heart guide you to success and glory. Never give up, because the people around you say so or cite discouraging examples, for any specific task. Always remember that you are a unique living being with an inimitable impression. Our impressions are different although we have a similar mechanism for our living. We are born to make a difference, to serve the very purpose of our existence; for which we have been sent on this earth, to live as human beings. If we believe in science, we believe in life; then we should never doubt our abilities or allow other people guide or misguide us. We all trust and follow myriad conventional philosophies of life. For example most of us start our lives by going to school, followed by finding a job or a mean to earn our living. Then getting married, raising children, worshipping our trusted deities and many other conventions, which are an indispensable part of our lives today. But we all overlook an undisputable truth running parallel to all conventions of life; the fact that all these cultures and processes are product of a human brain. Trust your abilities because every single thing you use or every job/profession you desire is the product of a human being. A homo sapien, is born with the similar body parts like you. Moreover you are proving yourself in front of humans only. PONDER: Everyone is asked to put his/her signature for a confidential/official document; viz. scholar's registration number, bank dossier, service book, dynamic but unique code for ATM cards, password for e-mail accounts etcetera. Whenever you feel down, say I Believe & Sing this beautiful song by R Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly"
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