How to Wire a Computer Router

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    • 1). Boot up the computer and put in the router installation CD, which will bring up the main setup menu. If the menu does not come up after a few minutes, eject the CD and check it for scratches. If the disk is scratched you may need to call the router company and get a new one.

    • 2). Follow the on-screen directions, making sure not to turn on the router until instructed to do so. Attach the corresponding cables to the router and computer, and double check that everything is plugged in correctly. Do not plug in any cable or wires until instructed to do so by the on-screen directions.

    • 3). Start the web browser. You will need to enter the IP address of the router into the address bar, which will allow you to go to the web administration page and enter security settings and configurations for the router. The IP address is a long series of numbers that can be found underneath the router.

    • 4). Attach all wired computers securely to the back ports of the router. If the router is wireless, turn on a computer with a wireless network adapter. A list of several wireless connection sources will come. Select the title that matches your router.

    • 5). Restart the computer, and attempt to connect to the Internet. If this does not work after several tries, contact the router manufacturer. If you are using a wireless router, restart both the computer and wireless router. Turn on the computer first, then turn on the router. The indicator lights should be lit. If working properly, the indicator lights will blink green.

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