Eureka Equinox 6 Vestibule Instructions

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    • 1). Take the tent and the poles out of the carrying bag. Unroll the tent evenly on a smooth surface free of debris. Place the tent with the Eureka label up and find the hub fitting located in the center of the tent.

    • 2). Assemble all of the poles but insert the top of one section into the bottom of the next. The poles are corded together to make the task easier. When each pole is assembled, insert each one with the part labeled "Top" into one of the hub arms.

    • 3). Grab one pole and insert the corner ring pins attached to the tent into the bottom of the pole. Have the person helping you attach the pole opposite of yours to the corner ring pin there. Attach the pole clips on the sides of the tent to the poles and they will form an arch.

    • 4). Repeat Step 3 to secure each of the poles to the corner rings and the tent itself. When you attach all of the poles, your tent will stand up on its own. Insert the stakes through the corner rings and into the ground to secure the tent in its place.

    • 5). Place the rain fly over the tent so that the "Eureka!" logo is above the doorway. Insert the rods into the openings on the tent wall and into the pockets on the bottom of the fly. Secure the Velcro on the fly to the tent poles and place the hook from each corner cord into the clips at the bottom of the tent.

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