Game Console Review - Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 is the console developed by the software giant and youngest competitor in game console industry, Microsoft.
It has been said that this game console is very popular among gamers who prefer first-person shooting games.
Xbox is currently available in Arcade, Pro, and Elite configurations that will match the way you play games.
With this feature of Xbox, there's no doubt that this console was able to sell more than 30 million units in just a few years.
If you are still wondering whether Xbox has the features that suit your gaming habits, you need to read this article.
I will be showing you some of the key features of this console that will help you decide whether this is or is not the right console for you.
The first and most distinct strength of Xbox is the support of its 3rd game developers.
Using their connection as a software giant, they were able to amass numerous game developers that are dedicated in creating games for their console.
Compared to its competitors, Wii and PS3, Xbox has twice more games and some of them even hit the top shelves of gaming stores as soon as they were released.
The Xbox 360 also has a monstrous processing capacity, with two 3.
2 GHz processors and a 500 MHz ATI graphics processor; this console will surely satisfy your gaming thirst.
These powerful components of Xbox are enough to run a high-end gaming computer.
Another feature that this console offers is the connectivity.
It allows you to connect to the Internet and browse your favorite sites.
You can also compete with other Xbox users using their open network called Xbox Live.
This is the reason why some of the games for Xbox 360 like Halo and Call of Duty are considered as the best of all time.
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