Give a fun twist to chocolate gifting by 7 interesting ways

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What comes to mind when you hear the name Mr Willy Wonka- His chocolate factory, right? He is the ultimate chocolate connoisseur of history that made the childhood of many children yummy and delicious! He had rivers of chocolates, gardens, books, flowers and everything made of scrumptious chocolates of different flavours.

Till the time you don't get chance to visit his heavenly factory, why not dig into some lip smacking chocolate here? However, keeping aside these fictional characters, cocoa products are one excellent gifting option at any and every occasion. There is practically no person on this earth who doesn't have a weak point for yummy smelling chocolates! Note that the more you make it extraordinary and fascinating the more the receiver will be delighted.

Undoubtedly they are the best gift one can give and a person will like it no matter how you present, but a little thought and efforts do no harm. Experiment with the way you gift them, try new things, flavour, shapes, sizes and ways of making this old present more contemporary. Here are 7 cool ways of giving the 21st century twist to the marvel called chocolates:

Wrappers that say it all: Why make your loved ones wait to open your gift to know your feelings when the wrappers too can say it all? These wrappers are made of a hard material that doesn't get damaged while printing and send the message across clearly. Not only is this innovative, but very attractive to giftchocolates with personalised wrappers carrying your feelings.

Personalised photos printed on chocolates: Instead of gifting collages on paper or photo frames, how about making the receiver a celebrity by printing their photos on the chocolate? This is a trend fast catching up among people who are looking beyond the typical gifting options. So, the next time you Buy gift chocolates to someone, make them feel special!

Attractive packaged chocolates: Good packaging makes any gift look appealing and what if your packaging says your feelings? If you are gifting them to your sweetheart then you can go for heart-throb shaped gift box or go for beautifully craved antique metal boxes for festival gifting. These will surely double the joy with which the receiver will take a bite of your gift.

Play a prank with chocolates: What is a celebration without some naughty pranks? Puzzle your dear ones with gifts like chocolate gold coins, choco-coated biscuits or choco wood logs that look like ordinary biscuits, wood logs. This will hamper their enthusiasm, but on a closer look they will be surprised to see that all this is made of chocolate!

Medallion/award chocolates: What better than to awarded the special person of your life? Gift chocolate bars that read, "Best father", "Best son", "Best sister" and so on to reward the people who matter! Such edible gifts are more special than many successful business deals or report cards for your closed ones!

Chocolate roses: Two of the best presents are chocolates and roses, so what if we mix the two of them? Seems quirky, right? Well, if you want to be different then go for flavoured chocolates in the shape of roses bunched together as a bouquet.

Chocolate Cds: If the receiver is a music enthusiast then you got to gift him this! Personalised chocolates in the shape of music disks with beautiful messages like, "just for the record- happy birthday" etc. that can make all the difference!

When you gift appetising chocolates to your near and dear ones, the moment becomes naturally special. In case you want better and creative options along with good bargains, then look further and shop online in India today.
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