Simple Art Projects for First Grade

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    Stamped Pictures

    • Scrapbooking-type stamp pads, as well as stamp pads made especially for children's art, provide a creative experience. Use washable ink or paints for the children to dip the stamp pads into; then press the stamps onto paper. First graders can make pages for a book, if they like, and even write some words to express the story they have created with the pictures. Stamp pads can also be used on worksheets that contain word families or beginning and ending sounds. Stamp pads with specific themes can enhance a lesson theme, such as animal or plant science.

      Let the children use the stamps to create pictures as they wish, and display the pictures in the room.

    Mosiac Pictures

    • Mosaic pictures can be created from a variety of items.mosaic image by Stanisa Martinovic from

      Let the children choose from a variety of simple picture outlines. Provide different types of items with which first graders can create a mosaic picture. Have first-graders tear some fabric pieces glue them onto the picture. Provide different types and textures of paper; tissue paper, construction paper, sandpaper, wallpaper samples or magazine pages (cut into shapes, not whole pictures cut out). Food items that work well for mosaics are tinted dry pasta, dried beans, corn or rice. Craft foam is easy to handle for first-graders and they can cut it into squares or other small shapes, then glue it onto the mosaic picture.

    Paint a Box

    • Give each first-grader a small or medium-sized grocery box. Provide paints and different-sized brushes. Have the children wear paint cover-ups and work on a surface covered with newspaper to catch drips and spills. The children can decide what they want to create with the boxes and paints. If desired, provide other craft items for the children to glue onto the boxes to create the item they desire.

    My Wall Art

    • Set out several rolls or lengths of crepe paper streamers and some rolls of clear tape. Assign each first-grader a space along the wall to use for her art project. The children may tear, roll, stretch and crumple the crepe paper as they wish. Each child should create a picture from the crepe paper streamers, taping the art to the wall as they work.

    Beading Art

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