Know Causes of Wet Dreams And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Nocturnal Emissions

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Wet dreams which are medically recognized as nocturnal emissions are a common experience, especially during adolescence. However, occurrence of nocturnal emissions is common amongst adult males also. Moreover, in adulthood, involuntary ejaculation of seminal fluid during sleep happens when a male is going through periods of abstinence. Nevertheless, emission of seminal fluid is body's natural procedure, which helps it to maintain reproductive health. Besides, it is believed that, with the help of night emission, body eliminates excessively formed seminal fluid. Furthermore, at the time puberty, the body of a male goes through a lot of hormonal changes, which increases the formation of seminal fluid. And, body ejaculates the increased amount of seminal fluid with the help of night emissions. Nonetheless, there are no conclusive ways to induce a night emission.

But, it is considered that it must not happen more than 2 times in a week because, excessive amount of nocturnal emissions may cause several health hazards. For instance, excessive emission of seminal fluid might cause oligozoospermia, emotional upsets, hormonal imbalance, and inappropriate sperm morphology.

Moreover, there are many reasons for occurrence of night emissions. Furthermore, one of the leading causes of nocturnal emissions is too much indulgence in the thoughts for intimacy. However, an individual may experience a wet dream with or without erection. Nevertheless, many times it is hard to point out an exact cause for involuntary ejaculation of seminal fluid during sleep. Nonetheless, according to some studies, most of the males experience wet dreams in the age period between 17 years and 32 years. Besides, nocturnal emissions usually occur during REM sleep and, during REM sleep the brain becomes too much active, which results in excessive autonomic activity. And, excessive autonomic activity causes nocturnal emission by activating the erectile system of male body. On the other hand, imbalance of hormone levels is also one of the prime causes for occurrence of wet dreams.

However, many experts believe that, every male need to ejaculate seminal fluid from time to time because, a nocturnal emission occurs when body has reached maximum holding capacity of the seminal fluid. And, nocturnal emission is body's natural procedure to release sexual tension. Nevertheless, nocturnal emissions are not harmful for the body in any ways, if its frequency is limited. Besides, some experts believe that, one would not experience night emission after satisfying his intense needs through masturbation. Nonetheless, lovemaking activities also prevents occurrence of wet dreams.

Additionally, nocturnal emission might also occur after physical stimulation caused by blankets and pillows. Moreover, external stimulation of male organ results in involuntary ejaculation of seminal fluid during sleep. Nevertheless, nerves play an important in regulating the ejaculatory system of the body. However, weakening of nerves is also considered as leading cause for night emissions. In particular, weakness of parasympathetic nerves is very harmful for proper functioning of reproductive system. And, weakness of parasympathetic nerves is one of the prime causes for various sexual dysfunctions, including excessive wet dreams. Nonetheless, there are many causes for weakness of parasympathetic nervous system, for example drug abuse, blocked blood vessels, and sedentary lifestyle.

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