I Syndrome

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"I" always remained alone Liked isolation and preferred to be one Shed tears over what was already gone No, why, if and buts bothered one by one When I tried to be plural It never looked natural I could not break from separate identity One and only one hurdle considered to be bad quality Many books or rather epics are written About such existence in deities even Who can be called supreme and ever reigning? We all have fallen in such trap with bad beginning So long "I "remain at the centre of controversy One may remain obsessed with such ideology Every comment or word about him may hurt ego It will not allow him to feel free and forgo History has witnessed number of empires ruined So many ancient civilizations perished and downed No traces are left on the face of earth to remember Still we have confined or restricted to one magic number Propagate "I" ideology with that of poorest of poor Approach the weakest of the weak in the next door Find out if you can be the person of some value Help him in dire need if that is what is nearly due! See the difference when "I" is transformed to one big tree All the passers by sit under its shed and feel very free Wind to blow with little intensity and afford nature's luxury Sound sleep in few moments as if not troubled by any worry It is nice to feel strong as only one among crowd You are taken as guiding power and spoken loud What a tremendous change when "I" was sacrificed Emerged on imagery stage where every word was promised I feel odd now with single word association It has no significance with any relation No notice may be taken except as breathing entity A flower boomed in desert with little grace from almighty Is it difficult to become ego free? Can we become like giant tree? So many options to exercise Change completely with surprise It is felt important need and desired way One must adhere to normal life and stay away From normal reaction to that of acceptance Lead a way as if given a new chance Life is never considered as permanent feature As no one can commit and confidently assure Yet one is free to act in his own style But acceptance is society is also to be looked into meanwhile.
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