How to Draw Pool Balls

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    • 1). Practice a draw shot by lining up an object ball and a cue ball about 8 inches apart.

    • 2). Aim for the object ball with the cue ball, trying to hit the cue ball slightly below the center point of the ball. Keep the cue stick level as you get ready to take your shot.

    • 3). Hit the cue ball with the cue stick using a medium speed. Try not to pull the cue stick back quickly after your shot.

    • 4). Watch what happens to the cue ball after you shoot. If the cue ball jumps, it means you hit too low on the ball, you did not keep the cue stick level as you took your shot, you moved the cue stick too quickly after shooting or you shot the ball too hard.

    • 5). Practice the draw shot again and note what happens to both the cue ball and the object ball after you shoot. Make adjustments to correct errors. The goal is to have the cue ball reverse itself several inches when you are shooting at this distance.

    • 6). Move the balls apart to approximately 12 inches and continue to practice. As you succeed with each distance, move the balls apart several more inches to master the longer draw shots.

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