LASIK - Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis

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Since about half of the population has some type of vision problem that requires them to were glasses at some point in their life, the issue of LASIK eye surgery is a common topic.
This is technology that allows the individual to be able to see better than they currently do without having to wear glasses or contacts.
This is a good option for those who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have general sight deficiencies.
The process of LASIK eye surgery is very simple.
It is a procedure that can be completed in an hour or less.
The recovery period is very quick and the surgery itself is painless.
There are very few complications that arise during LASIK eye surgery for people to deal with.
However you should still understand that such risks do exist.
During the surgery the cornea is cut so that debris underneath the top two layers can be removed.
This is commonly done using a laser powered piece of equipment without damaging the cornea.
Many people are very eager to undergo LASIK eye surgery so they don't have to wear glasses anymore or mess with the hassles of contacts.
One of the biggest drawbacks of LASIK eye surgery is the cost of it.
The new technology that makes the procedure so effective and painless is also expensive.
Medical professionals have to pass this cost on to the consumers in order to generate any type of profit.
Depending on the type of LASIK eye surgery you get and the equipment used it could average $1,000 per eye.
Most insurance companies don't cover LASIK eye surgery as it is optional.
Some people experience various side effects from LASIK eye surgery so make sure you carefully consider them.
They can include dry eyes, inflammation, inching, and a regression of the sight you gained.
However these problems are extremely rare and only affect a handful of those who undergo LASIK eye surgery.
Not everyone is able to benefit from the procedure though.
Your surgeon should be able to complete an evaluation and let you know if you are or not.
The age of the individual has to be considered because young eyes still change.
With older people the cornea may be too weak to benefit from the surgery.
Pregnant women should also avoid LASIK eye surgery as their eyes often change during the span of it.
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