Treasure Hunting: A Great Way To Enhance Children's Logically Thinking Skills

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Children probably fall under most curious groups of human beings who always search for new things and try to explore the world around them. When they are engaged into searching for new facts, they become very curious. Treasure hunting games are a great way of nurturing the children's enthusiasm, curiosity and logical thinking. When parents and schools organize fun filled events for kids, they can include a treasure hunting game for them. Children of all ages love to play this game. In the ancient times, treasure hunting was a profession. People's curiosity towards knowing the unknown was the start of this profession.

Archeologists do treasure hunts to enrich the history of the universe. It is due to the great archeological works that we get a better understanding of our history, how the universe works, and all other hidden secrets of our universe. This task of exploring the unknown facts now has become a very popular game. There are also video games based on treasure hunt activities. These video games also positive influence child development as like other games, these games don't have bloodsheds. While playing treasure hunt games on computers or television sets, children become an active participant and get engaged wholly. This sparks their logical thinking skills, makes them think more deeply and look at things from a different angle.

Lucid thinking skills are developed among children who take part in treasure hunting activities. There are a variety of ways through which we adults can plan a treasure hunting session for our kids. The first important thing while planning such sessions is to select the place where the treasure hunt would take place. As children would be the participants, so the place needs to be children friendly. Say for example we are choosing a park to conduct such sessions; the fencing should be tall enough so that the children can't jump over them.

The second thing is to create a list of thing which would be used as treasures. The treasure may include a pencil box filled with beautiful crayon pens or a casket full of chocolates or even a beautiful doll. Next comes the setting up of rules for the game, as whether there would be a group who will jointly search for the treasure or there would be single treasure hunters. It is best go for a group search because this will teach leadership and also make them aware of how to work in groups.

Depending upon the age of the children involved in the play, parents or the organizers of the event can set the clues. If it is for young children, then the clues can be simple, and understandable. And if it planned for children have just crossed their adolescence, then there need to be easy clues. If the children fail to understand the clues, they may feel reluctant to play the game. Sometimes a clue cannot be found. It is a good idea to make an extra copy of the clues and directions for such a problem. Treasure is not fun only, but when children get reward for their achievement, they feel like taking part into more constructive activities.
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