3 Powerful Secrets to Get Your Ex Back Sooner Than You Think

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A break up with someone you love most is truly unbearable, more so, when you are not even aware of the reason.
You get advice from scores of your friends and well-wishers about how to deal with the pain as well as the situation.
But as the days pass your hope of getting back your ex recedes and the intensity of pain grows deeper.
You must know that there are some secrets that can get your ex back sooner than you think.
Here are three such secrets to get your ex back:
Secret No 1 Don't allow your pain or pleasure to depend upon the whims and moods of others including your ex.
You should not feel unhappy if your ex avoids you.
The moment you try to become independent of the actions or reactions of others about you, you will feel instant relief.
You should, therefore, try to detach yourself from the thoughts and actions of your ex.
Secret No 2 A break up with your ex does not mean the end of the world.
You must not only accept this truth yourself but also let your ex know the same through your attitude and actions.
When you get over the feelings of pain and apprehension, you will become more confident and self-reliant.
  The change in your attitude will make your ex see you in a different perspective.
Some people derive more pleasure when they think they have the power to control the feelings of others.
Apart from that your ex will tend to love you more if you are self-confident.
Remember if you love yourself, people around you including your ex will love you too.
Secret No 3 Act as if you are absolutely free.
Do not just "act".
The feeling of freedom should be genuine, natural and not forced.
This sense of freedom will communicate itself to your ex.
Let your ex know that your relationship was a bondage for you and you feel happy to get rid of it.
Let him/her know that gone are the days when you were self- sacrificial and your thoughts and actions were guided by just one motive-only to keep your ex happy.
When your ex notices this change in your attitude, he/she will be drawn towards you once again.
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