How to Learn to Fly a Plane in Manchester

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    • 1). Locate an airport close to you in Manchester. It should have one or more FBOs, or fixed base operators, on the field that rent planes. Ask for package deals on getting your private or sport pilot license. Find out who the instructors are, what their experience is, what kinds of planes they use and the average time it takes to get your private or sport license. Each license allows you different privileges, from night flight to day only operating in the clouds. Inspect the planes yourself. Look for general appearance, condition of the interiors and the engines. Though you may have no idea what you are looking at, if you see dripping oil, cables in poor condition and worn-out looking parts, you should leave that FBO and find another one.

    • 2). Take your initial flight in the airplane with an instructor. See how you get along with him. Are you comfortable? Is he interested in your experience? Does he seem enthusiastic and willing to show you everything you'll need? Does he answer your questions with in-depth answers? Does he have experience flying in and out of Manchester and the mountainous terrain surrounding it? If you feel the least bit uncomfortable or that you are not getting your money's worth, find another instructor. It is imperative you are comfortable with your instructor to get the most out of learning. Find an FAA medical examiner in the Manchester area. She will give you the necessary exam for the type of license you need, and you must have it before flying.

    • 3). Begin taking weekly lessons. Show up prepared at each lesson with a list of questions from the preceding lesson. Much of flying is mental, and going through the motions and mentally flying your lessons is just as important as being in the actual plane. Study the mechanics and theory of flight. This will give you an idea of how the plane flies and will help when you take the tests to get your private pilot license. In Manchester and the surrounding areas, it is important to learn the mechanics of mountain flying since they take a more conservative approach to flight and will be important when you are out on your own. Chair flying, where you go through the motions while simulating flying in a chair, is another way of practice that is free.

    • 4). Stay current and fly as much as possible. The more you practice, the easier it will be to get a grasp of the flying part. Practice your radio calls while driving. Mentally plan for emergencies. Finally, when your instructor deems you ready, take your flight test with an FAA examiner and pass. Then you can say you have learned to fly in the challenging environment of Manchester.

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