A Lindam Safety Gate Is What Every Parent Needs

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This company is based in the United Kingdom and has been manufacturing safety items for children for over 20 years. They have won awards for their safety gates.

If you have a baby at home, then congratulations to a wonderful future with your child. Although babies look cute when they lie in their cribs, soon that little bundle of joy will start moving. When he or she starts to sit up, is a good time to consider putting safety gates in your home. Very soon your baby will start crawling and after that using chairs, tables, anything in the home to help get upright in preparation for the first steps. As you will experience with crawling, the first unsure attempts are slow but very soon your baby will be a super fast crawler seeking adventure in all aspects of your home.

Definitely before the crawling stage these gates should be installed to protect your baby from accidents. Typically if you have stairs, these present a problem. Installing safety gates is the answer.

If you do your research, you will find many brands on the market and hopefully you can choose the ones best suited for you.

The above mentioned safety gates come in several different sizes and designs. Some are made of wood and some of metal. There is even one made of mesh which is a good alternative to stabs as children cannot get their feet stuck and they also cannot climb this.

Make sure the ones with stabs – whether wood or metal – are spaced not too far apart so that your child can get stuck. The Easy Fit model has a Plus and a Tall version which is great when you know that your child will be more than average height.

Some models come with two-way opening and an extra wide walk through section. This will come in really handy when you have your child in one hand and toys, laundry, cooking utensils or the hundred and one things you need to do in the other hand.

This company has gates that must be fixed to the wall with screws to the wall as models that use pressure to fit them – much like you can get with closet bars and bars to hold up your shower curtain.

Naturally they also have extenders which are very useful if the gate itself is only good for one position.

Choose your safety gate after doing research and talking to shopkeepers who can advise you. Brands like this one come with a solid reputation and guarantees.
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