How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Dryer 11060092990

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    • 1). Go to the power outlet of your dryer and make sure that the electrical cord is plugged into the wall. Electrical cords can be unplugged if the dryer is being moved and it may have gone unnoticed.

    • 2). Pull the electrical cord out of the wall if it is plugged in and check over the cord to make sure it is in good condition. Check over the wiring and then look at the pins to make sure they are straight. Leave the cord unplugged throughout the rest of your troubleshooting.

    • 3). Clean out the lint trap on your dryer. Lint build up will leave your clothing wet. Check the latch on the dryer's door. The latch should lock properly. Use a pair of pliers to bend it back into place if necessary.

    • 4). Disconnect the vent hose from the back of the dryer by unhinging the clamp around it. Take the vent hose off of the 11060092990's vent and make sure no clogs are present. Remove any debris from the hose and the vent if you find any.

    • 5). Use a screwdriver to remove the six screws holding the back panel onto the unit. Go to the inner right side to find the heating element casing. Remove the screw holding the heating element in place. Pull the heating element out of the heating element casing and make sure the wires are all connected properly. You can check this by looking at the wiring schematic on the back panel of the 11060092990.

    • 6). Go to the front of the dryer and use your screwdriver to pry the top panel off of the dryer. Raise the dryer's lid up and rest it in the service position on its back hinges. Remove the screws holding the front panel onto the unit casing. These are on the bottom left and right sides of the front panel.

    • 7). Remove the front panel and look at the dryer belt. The dryer belt should be wrapped around the dryer drum and then around the idler pulley. Replace the dryer belt if it has snapped or looks like it is about to snap.

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