How to Get Into the Goblin Maze

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    • 1). Travel to Lumbridge and speak to the Duke. The Duke will grant you permission to investigate the Cellars of Lumbridge.

    • 2). Travel to the Cellars of Lumbridge. Head down the ladder, then go east. You will see a large pile of rubble.

    • 3). Use the pickaxe on the pile of rubble to make a small hole, then crawl through the hole.

    • 4). Pick up the broach on the other side of the hole. Exit the cellars and return to the Duke of Lumbridge.

    • 5). Speak to the Duke and a scene will unfold. The Duke eventually will tell you to speak to the librarian Reldo in Varrock

    • 6). Travel to the Varrock library and speak to Reldo. Explain to Reldo how you found the broach in the cellar. Reldo will point you to a book you must read in the library.

    • 7). Read the book Reldo suggests. The book will explain that the symbols on the broach are of Goblin origin.

    • 8). Return to the Cellars of Lumbridge and crawl through the hole you made previously.

    • 9). Head immediately south until you reach a weak wall. Use the pickaxe on the wall to make another hole.

    • 10

      Crawl through the hole to reach the Goblin Maze.

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