How to Select Text Value in HTML

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    • 1). Start a text editor or webpage editor. Click "File" and then click "Open." Select the HTML document you want to edit and then open it.

    • 2). Scroll down the document until you find the HTML element you want to edit. For example, if you wish to edit a FONT element, look for the HTML tag <font> in the area of the document you need to make changes on.

    • 3). Look for quotation marks next to the attribute name you want to change in the HTML tag. The text within the quotation marks sets the value for that particular attribute name. For example, in <font color="red">, "color" is the name of the attribute and "red" is its value.

    • 4). Click and drag the left mouse button over the text value. Your text editor should highlight the text value to indicate it is selected. Do not select the quotation marks.

    • 5). Press the "Backspace" button to erase the current text value. Or type over it with a new value. For example, enter "blue" to change the font color from red.

    • 6). Click "File" and then click "Save." View the updated HTML document in a web browser, or the webpage editor if it includes a visual editing environment or WYSIWYG.

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