How to Heal as a Druid

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    • 1). Use direct-healing spells, spells that have a cast time, for reliability and consistency. Healing Touch is a powerful direct-healing spell, but it has a high mana cost and is best used when your party member needs a big heal and wont be taking much damage in the next few seconds. Regrowth is a fast-cast heal that is useful in emergencies. Nourish is the final direct-healing spell in a druid's arsenal and is by far the most mana-efficient one. However, it has a slow cast time and heals for less than both of the others.

    • 2). Apply your heal-over-time spells, or HoTs, in combination with direct-healing spells to help keep targets alive in between casts. HoTs are instant-cast spells that will heal your target for a certain amount over time. Lifebloom can only be cast on one target a time and will stack each time you cast it on that target, up to a maximum of three times. Each "stack" will increase it's overall healing effect. Rejuvenation is the druid's most basic heal-over-time spell that can be cast on as many targets as necessary but cost a good bit of mana and thus should on be used only on those who have already taken damage.

    • 3). Use "Area of Effect," or AOE, heals to hit multiple targets who need help at the same time. They are useful for raid or group healing. Efflorescence will put a green circle on the ground that will heal people who stand in it for up to seven seconds. Wild Growth is a general heal-over-time heal that hits multiple targets at once. Tranquility will heal the five lowest teammates around for a large amount of health every two seconds but cannot be used often.


    • 1). Stack three lifeblooms on your tank. This is one thing that you will do no matter what type of group you are in, whether it be a 5, 10, or 25 man group. If there is more than one druid healing in your group then assign each druid to put lifebloom stacks on different tanks.

    • 2). Keep all of your heal-over-time spells on the tank (rejuvenation and lifebloom) and use direct healing spells more often. Use Nourish for when the tank is taking little damage and Healing Touch if he is at low health but not at risk of dying. Regrowth should only be used only in emergency situations as it is the least mana efficient direct healing spell.

    • 3). Use a combination of rejuvenation and area-of-effect spells, wild growth and efflorescence, to keep your other party members alive. Rejuvenation should not be applied to everyone but only those who have already taken damage. Use direct-heal spells as needed to keep everyone alive.

    • 4). Use Tranquility when you are in desperate need of quick and powerful heals. With an 8-minute cooldown before it can be used again, Tranquility will most likely only be used once per encounter so use it wisely.

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